Manuscript Template

Manuscript Template 

Title. The title must contain the main issue of the paper. The title should be clear and informative, and not more than 14 words identifying variables, main the theoretical, and population studies. The title is written in Indonesian and English.


Author's names and institutions. The author's full names should be accompanied by the author's institution name and its city (organization; private or government agencies; or college institution: department, faculty, and university). Maximum of 2 institutions for each author. Email addresses as email correspondence, without any academic title.


Abstract and keywords. The abstract must contains research background, objective or the issues under investigation (including the main hypotheses), methods, results, and Implications. Result is minimized using numbers/statistical symbols. The abstract should stand alone. Avoid using technical jargon and uncommon abbreviations. You must be accurate, brief, clear and specific.  The abstract should be 150 to 250 words. There are abstracts in English and Indonesia. The key words should be of 3 to 5 words or phrases and alphabetical order.


The main body article empirical research:


The beginning of the script. This section explains the background to the study, a review on the previous researches in the area, and aims of the manuscripts. It should also show the significance and novelty of the research by showing the state of the art/gap of the literature. This section is an introduction to the article without the subheading "Introduction”. Avoid the use of secondary citations.




Methods. This section describes the appropriate tools of analysis along with the data and their sources. Explain the design of research design, research objectives (population and sample/research), research procedures, collecting data, measurement techniques, and data analysis.


Results. This section explains the results of the study clearly and concisely. If quantitative contains the final results of data analysis, descriptive statistics, hypothetical test results, and other relevant findings. If using qualitative approach will be in the form of the quotation and themes of the results of qualitative analysis conducted.




Discussion. Author(s) should discuss by exploring the state of the art and novelties of the work to the literature. The discussion is directed at the definition of results, comparing the results with other research, comparing the results with the theory, limitation, and implications of the research results.



Conclusion. This section concludes and provides conclusion of the research results and recommendation for further works.


Suggestion. This section contains research conclusion and suggestions made based on the findings, at least for the next research, and certain parties with operational suggestions in short paragraphs.

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